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It’s been a while since I’m having rolls developed and scanned by Digiprint. Believe me, if you’re into film (even if you didn’t start from that), you’ll surely go back and take some film shots once in a while. There’s a different treatment on how you shoot with film, there’s a different feeling of anxiety when you click the shutter of a film camera at the moment you take the shot. You wonder how will your photo look like once they are finally developed in a span of time unlike seeing the results in a jiff when you go digital. You think of the possibility of producing something unique and you think of the possibility of producing nothing at all. *wink* hehe
Last Saturday, I finally wento to this Lomowalk in Manila. It was nice to meet everybody form Lomomanila and the people who organized the event.

Maki Eduardo with Lomomanila People
All of us!

n702652588_2048405_9538 Back to Lomo
Me and other Lomomanila girls

I packed with only two cameras and a roll of film. Unfortunately my Olympus XA2 camera ran out of battery so I had to use my other toy camera, which was the Supersampler. It was a cloudy day at the bay, so I’m wondering how my action shots survived.

Maki Eduardo with her Supersampler

Me on ninja mode with my supersampler other gear :p

The sun only showed itself before the event was over. Even if I just took 36 shots, I think it was all still worth it because I enjoyed the company of the Lomomanila people and also bumped into this old lady with her Nikon D60 while I was taking shots by the bay. She was smiling at me as I smiled back at her and asked about the model of her camera. To my surprise it was my former DSLR camera model.

Maki Eduardo with Aling Lydia

Me and Aling Lydia

Me and Aling Lydia (the old lady with the D60) had this great talk about how to take photos of people. I’m surprised that for her age (60 years old- and yeah she’s a veteran in film photography), she’s very active in shooting portraits for students in schools and attends this press photographer yearly fellowship event. We exchanged numbers after. From the lomo walk, I do think she was the most interesting subject. It makes me wanna go out more in these kinds of events to bump into more people like her who are really enthusiastic about photography. When I shared to her my frustrations in photography lately, she just told me to shoot more and practice but never give up because it shows that I’m really into it. It doesn’t really matter if you’re with people or alone as long as you can share something to others. Hopefully, I’ll improve in taking pictures and finally find ways to go to places and shoot.

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Grabe dami kung napulot na knowledge dito
Iniisip ko tuloy kung ano pa mga sinabi ni Aling Lydia sayo

@PretselMaker- Awww… Well, for one thing, she just told me to shoot and practice…grow in experience when shooting just like her. ;)

maki!!! hehehe!….nice!….=) *waves*

paupawies last blog post..…somewhere in manila…dec. ‘08

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