I’m Now 22 Years Old (Awww)

I'm Now 22 Years Old (Awww)

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And so as of today I’m already 22 years old (but I look young for my age! hahaha :D) . I thank the Lord for all the blessings until this day.

I actually planned to start the day by attending mass, but then I woke up late today so maybe I’ll just hear mass later within the day. Every day starts with a prayer though…even if each day doesn’t really turn out to be right, there’s always a reason to be thankful everyday when you wake up. ;)

One funny thing that happens during my birthday is I don’t usually get to blow any candles during my birthday…haha, I think the last time I blew a candle on a cake was when I was 8 years old..i think. I think blowing the candle on the cake isn’t really meant for me..everytime I’m about to blow my cake, someone dips his/her finger on my cake or already eats a portion of it.

Well, there were efforts from my blockmates in ADMU for me to blow a cake. I remember the time when they drew me a cake with a candle on paper and made me blow the paper. Haha, for some reason that really makes me smile until this day during my birthday.

So many would be asking what would be my Birthday Wish…Hmm, I don’t really have something in mind…I’m just thankful for turning 22. But then if anybody would give me anything related to my hobby..that would be nice..LOL. =))

Today, I got cakes from Team E-mail! I would like to thank Alvin, Rico, Josh and Tin for the cakes and coffee mug. I would also like to thank all the people who greeted me today. I would just like to thank everyone who became part of this boring-yet-wonderful life! Thank you everyone. :D Oh yeah…still no candles on my birthday! Haha…

My Birthday Cakes by Maki Eduardo

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Maki! Happy Birthday~!

Happy Birthday Maki!

I am hoping you’d find true happiness and err… lovelife! haha mwah love yah ate LOL

Hahaha..you made me laugh there :D Thanks!

Maki, happy birthday!

I love those Team E-mail cakes.. they look good.

May you have more blessings to come. Enjoy life! :lol:
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Oi Happy Birthday pala!

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maki, blog hoping and just found out its your birthday
belated happy birthday.

impressive cakes :smile: . now i’m hungry . :smile:

@Finch-They’re from the Purple Kitchen Warehouse near our office. I heard Starbucks sources their cakes there =)

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