Print Your Photos Please

Print Your Photos Please

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Nothing beats the joy of having photography as a hobby when you finally have the pictures printed. As far as sharing is concerned, having your pictures in prints is still the best way to show your work other than just posting them on the internet…so print your photos please…I swear it’s rewarding. :D

Digiprint Lady by Maki Eduardo

When you want your pictures printed, you main concern is how accurate will the prints will be in parallel to the one on your computer screens? That’s always the problem with printing pictures, that’s why people who are serious in their craft would want to know more about Color Management and calibrating their screens, fixing color profiles for their printers and mediums so that every print is in their what-you-see-is-what-you-get condition.

I had my macbook calibrated to match my prints from my 1000D or Lomo Shots. I also had some basic Color Management training from my basic photography teacher Mr. Jo Avila. And so, what recommended photo lab should go head to when you want accurate prints? Well, it depends if you have the color lab’s icc profile embedded in your Adobe Photoshop software. For me, Digiprint offers the best services in having my pictures printed. They value Color Management in their services and offer their icc profiles for consumers to download on the internet and have them embed the profiles in Photoshop.

Printed IR Shot by Maki Eduardo

One thing should be taken into mind though…Even if you have the color profiles embedded in your Adobe Photoshop software, you cannot have accurate prints if you don’t get your screens calibrated. I suggest purchasing a Spyder. ;)

A little too bright Print by Maki Eduardo

And so what happened to my prints? Well, They are 90-95% accurate from what is on my screen. There was a little loss in color (which probably came from the printer, which I think lacks some red ink! LOL ) and exposure was off (a lot brighter) since some photoshop action in their lab edited the exposure and vividness of my pictures, but I’m satisfied with the prints. I’ll be sticking them to my ‘bare’ workstation. 8)

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Mas ok pa rin talaga kapag printed ang photos :D

yay! really helpful :mrgreen:

thanks for these tips of how to calibrate my screen to match the output of the photos that i want to print ^_^

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