Using a Holga amongst Digital Users

Using a Holga amongst Digital Users

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It was a time when I was about to sell my previous DSLR that I decided to use my Holga 120 GCFN and a stash of 120 films to a get together shoot at Harbour Square. Even if me and my Holga have this incomprehensible love-hate relationship, I still love taking unique and quirky pictures with it. I still remember the time I got electrocuted by touching its capacitor a few times when I was doing some modifications with it. What sets my 120 GCFN from other Holgas out there is that its aperture has been modified by a friend. Well, I still think and I can also support the fact that each Holga is unique. Quality control-wise, you can blame all the quirkyness of the Holga to China. :p

When you shoot with the Holga, you just got to love the vignettes. They add the drama to the picture. If a DSLR can have that Bokeh effect, the Holga produces vignettes. It only has a limited aperture of f/8 (if modified you can also have another aperture of f/13), so it must remind the users of this toy camera to be aware of the environmental conditions that will affect the shots. I’m also guilty of the fact that I disregarded the conditions and took shots with an ISO100 film at a cloudy day, which was a no-no if you also take note of the standard Holga aperture of f/8 (which means the lens has a small opening to let the light in).

Models along Harbour Square by Maki Eduardo

Okay, enough with being technical…what happened when I looked at the scans of my shots was that most of them were underexposed. I had to use the help of Adobe Lightroom to recover some shots. Whoopsies :P.

One Happy Model at Harbour Square by Maki Eduardo

One Happy Model (2) at Harbour Square by Maki Eduardo

Having a limited and quirky focal range, the Holga produces quite blurry pictures…err..okay blurry. :p But then there are times you can get lucky and just get a sharp subject with that drama effect..hehehe:

Shy Kid at Harbour Square by Maki Eduardo

By the way, I had to struggle in capturing that moment with the kid in the picture, he was really shy towards me. I hope you guys and gals learned a thing or two from what I shared today about my Holga. ;)

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mukhang lumang lumang camera na yang holga ah at ngayon ko lang ata narinig yan.. hehehe :D

great shots with your holga maki :mrgreen:

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